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Do you have an unpleasant problem with your drains or sewers?

Here at Local Adelaide Plumber we can cater for all your plumbing requirements. Our services are comprehensive and cover all plumbing repairs and installations. At Local Adelaide Plumber we are experts in dealing with unpleasant blocked drains and repairs that may be required to clear your drains or make repairs to your sewerage systems.

Do you have issues with your bathroom plumbing?

We can install or repair your hot water heaters with our engineers who have plenty of experience. We work on all types of taps and sinks, repairing any problems, dealing with blockages and can install whatever bathroom appliances you desire. Our team of experts are experienced in all bathroom installations from baths and showers to toilets, and can work on any problem you might encounter.

Stop That Leak Now! Using the latest up-to-date technology our experienced team can detect leaks using modern, specialized equipment that can locate your leak quickly so that our team can work to repair it before any serious damage is done. Don’t wait, call us today!

Need work on your gas appliances?

We are qualified to work with gas installations and repairs, whether on your cooker, heating systems or even your barbeque. For the best service get in touch with us for a chat about your requirements.

Are you concerned about possible backflow?

Backflow is when water from the ground or other sources can be drawn into your water system due to a reduction or even a failure in your water pressure. We provide a backflow prevention service as well as comprehensive testing and repairs. A backflow prevention system protects your water supply from any contamination or pollution caused by backflow.

Are your kitchen appliances causing you hassle?

If you have a problem with your garbage disposal system, we are here to help. We can also fix any issues you might be experiencing with your fridge or ice-maker, sorting out problems with connections or water supply to your equipment. Similarly, we are experienced at fixing dishwashers and all other plumbed in kitchen appliances like washing machines.

Outside plumbing problems

Here at Local Adelaide Plumber we work on all types of outside taps, hoses and sprinkler systems to keep your outdoor plumbing running smoothly throughout the year. If you have any concerns, call us now.

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